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Since 1934

The Mandruzzato family has led the way in contemporary Murano home decor fashions with unique handmade pieces and elegant, distinctive lines always custom made for personalization. From the geometric, flat sides and carved, minimalist and sinuous details of the brand’s early years, Mandruzzato’s home decor pieces have gradually evolved to become icons of simplicity and exclusive luxury home decor.


When Pablo Picasso designed a chessboard with more than eight types of Murano Island glass, the grandfather and father of Alessandro Mandruzzato were asked to produce it. At that moment in time, they began to understand a way to innovate, not with more organic forms, but with geometric shapes and the “cubism concept” in symmetric and asymmetric pieces. These became explosions of contrasting colors and light to create each surface, continuing the old techniques but creating a

fusion with the contemporary and modern life.

Working together on several projects, Luigi & Gianfranco Mandruzzato and Pablo Picasso created some of the most popular designs and concepts for Murano Modern home décor of all time, including the Cubism and “San Marco” pieces, heralded as some of the most iconic Mandruzzato models.


 Over the years, Benjamin Mandruzzato, Luigi Mandruzzato, Gianfranco Mandruzzato, and now Alessandro Mandruzzato have worked with several established commercial interior designers and architects such as  Armani Home, Fendi Home, Bella Figura Lighting, Christian Dior, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, John Salibello Antiques, Gallery Lafayette, El Corte Ingles, Ajmal Arabian Perfums, Xerjorff Perfums, and Kitaichi Japan.

Now in the fourth generation, Alessandro Mandruzzato has adapted contemporary models and colors into multiple functions and styles to fit modern life. Build your own style - with our basic handmade pieces, it is possible to create a range of products in our Murano glass colors. You can also select the color for the metal part of our designs, and we will transform our luxury vases or bowls using optional accessories to make the following pieces:


Table lamp Hanging           pendant light made from our vases or bowls           Floor lamp using bowls or vases connected together

Candlestick with a metal holder           Decorative items with an LED and metal base           Bowl with notches for use as an ashtray

Essential oil reed diffuser made with bamboo  in Tuscany for Mandruzzato Aromatherapy           Vase for flowers

Bowl to hold tea light candles           Container for potpourri, chocolates, or jewelry

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