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Handcrafted decorative accents by Alessandro Mandruzzato

Murano glass décor produceed with the utmost due diligence


The first stop of the production process involves the sketching of a desing that adequately meets therequests of our client. Our artisan works closely with every single customer to endure the colors, materials, finishes and textures are just right. Clients of Alessandro Mandruzzato are able t choose from an assortment of 24 colors, 5 precious metals that  can be infused into thr glasss, various finiches and 11 different textures.


Once the desing has been finalized, the Mandruzzato family then begins to bring the creation to life. Since temperatures can vary, the total amount of time spent produccing a single piece can range from 4 - 8 consecutive days, Raw materials melt at rather high temperatures, whichis wht our artisan usually starts by blowing colo into the glass. Layers of mixed metal or extra colors are them added to achieve the perfect finish, whether it be along the lines of transparent "sommerso", "hollow block" or "solid block". The piece is then stored in order to allow it to slowly cool from 1.200°C to an ambient temperature. This slow cool-ing process takes about 72 hours.

When the hollow or solid block has achieved the proper coolness, the grinding (“moleria”) then begins. Glass grinding is a specialty technique that has been used by the Mandruzzato family for ages. The process of grinding consists of 12 skilled steps that involve cutting with diamond wheels and other types of manual machinery. The steps are repeated over and over again until the piece is the idealistic shape and size.   During this grinding phase of production, the Italian Consortium, also known as “Vetro Artistico Murano”, visits the workshop to certify the authenticity of the items and to ensure that they are fully handmade as well as lead-free. When all checks out, the inspector applies a registration code to each piece. Only a certain number of families in Murano have obtained the authority to produce such items, and we own certificate 38 Family Factory out of only 47 Familyes Factoryes.


Now that the piece has been approved by the Consortium, our craftsman takes it to the studio to gently sand and polish it in order to deliver a piece that is full of shine. Adornments or custom embellishments requested by the client are also applied to the piece before it heads to its last review before packaging.

Prior to shipping, Alessandro and his father Gianfranco carefully inspect each piece to ensure it is up to our high standards. It is then passed on to other members of the family who specialize in packaging our Murano glass     accents with caution and care. Our master artisan will then sign the  document of authenticity and slip it into the box that the piece will be shipped in.

The Millenarian Handicraft Process

Truly Unique Pieces Made by Hand

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