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The Italian island of Murano has boasted a magical history since 1291, when the Republic of the Serenissima transported ovens created on the mother island of Venice to another island within the lagoon of Venice called Murano, giving glasswork created on the island the name of Murano glass. For thousands of years, the island’s master glassmakers have created fantastic and transcendental works of art inspired by the colors of the gems and precious stones, the contrasts of the water with the sky, and the panorama of beautiful Italy.


Modern art created by the Mandruzzato family takes up old techniques and manual processes to decorate contemporary and luxurious homes around the world. The Chalcedon collection owes its name to its wonderful resemblance to a mix of gems, including quartz, agate, onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli, and jasper. The Murano masters established, for the composition of this particular technique, the melting of precious metals, such as silver and gold, among other coloring oxides that melt. This is obtained by mixing scraps of white opal glass, colored opal glass, and crystal. A mixture of coloring compounds, such as silver nitrate, cobalt oxide, potassium dichromate, and others that are dispersed by mixing the melt, is added several times after the fusion has been completed.


This extraordinary artisanal chemical process, together with the talent of the Murano artisans using both blown and sculptural carving, allows us to create wonderful chromatic ranges with dark opaque striated backgrounds in charming warm and dark tones. A true whirlwind of lights and shadows, the pieces delight all who observe them.


The Mandruzzato family applies old world techniques and adapts them to extraordinary contemporary models to use for fashionable, modern home décor. Enjoy our fantasy pieces, or customize your own piece from the Alessandro Mandruzzato Calcedonio Collection of Contemporary Murano glass.

Basílica Santa María e Donato (2017)

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